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Latest Cardano Link Update

Ver 1.4.5

Feb 2023

- New Section "Cardano Newsletter" on Community page;
- New Section "Cardano Services" on Defi page;
- New Section "Cardano Education" on Community Project inside Community Page;
- Move some link in correct section;
- Added 20 link! 410 Total !

Ver 1.4.4

Jan 2023

- The community page has been updated, now it is divided into sections that are more easily accessible;
- Added new "Cardano Alliance" section on Community Page;
- Added message in "Search" page if the search did not produce any result;
- Split SPO section in SPO and SP (Stake Pool) on community page;
- Minor fix;
- Added 42 link! 395 Total

Ver 1.4.3

Jan 2023

- Added new "Cardano Bot" section on Tools Page;
- Fixed footer of Tools Page;
- Added 29 link! 353 Total

Ver 1.4.2

Dec 2022

- Fixed position of card,now displayed on the right line;
- Removed dark/light button;
- Slightly changed the style of the site
- Better usability and speed on mobile;
- Added Form for upload new project;
- Added new "Stake Pool Operator" section on Community page;
- Added Search function on "Search" Page

Ver 1.4.1 + link

Dec 2022

- Added new "Services" section on Developer page;
- Added new "Twitter Space and Podcast" section on Community page;
- Move "Cardano NFT Tools" section from Tools to Nft page;
- Added new "Mint Cardano NFT" section on NFT page;
- Added new "Cardano Artist" section on Community page;
- Added new "Cardano Music and Streaming Platform" section on Defi page;
- 1 link Deleted
- 29 Link Added
-Total Link : 307

Ver 1.4 + link

November 2022

- Fixed the white side in the "Defi" page on Phone;
- Minor change on Seo;
- Added new description page for projects in "defi";
- Added new "docs & guide" page;
- 6 link Deleted
- 19 Link Added
-Total Link : 285

Ver 1.3.2 + link Deleted

November 2022

- Added "social" page
- Channel link move on "social" page
- 9 link deleted
-Total Link : 272

Link added

5 November 2022

-12 new Link
-1 Link deleted
-Total Link : 281

Ver. 1.3.1

November 2022

-Now you can display all nft link on "NFT" page;
-Alert "add your project" added to homepage;
-Cardanolink now support desktop,tablet and phone screen:
-Added new "Metaverse/Games" section on Defi page

Links added

2 November 2022

-11 new Link
-1 Link deleted
-Total Link : 270

Ver. 1.3

October 2022

-Latest Add and Latest Cardano Link Update on Homepage;
-Update info Link on Homepage;
-Now images displayed are in Webp format (Previus Png);
-Added Light/Dark theme button;
-Fixed Api display on homepage


5 October 2022

- 250 Link Reached

Ver. 1.2

August 2022

-Tools page now have right image on card and logo where possible ;
-Removed 6 expired link from all page;
-New tag added on Developers,Nft and Community page;
-New card style on community channel.

Ver. 1.1

July 2022

-Added Developers page with github section;
-Added Milkomeda page;
-New section on Community page;
-Added Nft Drop page;
-New section on Defi page;

Ver. 1.0

June 2022

-Added News section on Community Page;
-Minor ccs bug fixed;
-Footer under menu fixed;
-Seo optimization;
-Added Dex page;

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