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Cardalonia has been created having in mind to develop a flexible play to earn metaverse that would be easy and inexpensive to play, cutting the high entry barrier seen on Ethereum metaverse projects. We will sideline the complexities of reinventing the wheel as we will utilize the Cardano blockchain to integrate blockchain based transaction layers, verifying player NFT ownership for admission to content and much more. In the future, we envision to bring frictionless blockchain integrations for play to earn, cross-chain capabilities and decentralized infrastructure. This document serves as a guide for key things you'll want to understand about Cardalonia and how to get started with Cardalonia and the $Lonia token. As a Player, you can choose a clan, create digital assets as NFTs, deploy them to your Cardalonia land which must initially be acquired by the player either by through an airdrop or purchasing from the Land pre-sale. Cardalonia is made up of clans as users who possess land NFTs will be able to claim and join a clan with an Avatar to be able to experience Cardalonia. In order to buy Land, Join a Clan and be able to enjoy the exquisite treatment in Cardalonia, players need to have have $Lonia which is the central utility token that would allow crypto & non-crypto enthusiasts be a part in Cardalonia.

Category - Gaming/Metaverse
Release - 20xx
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