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The financial structures that govern the music industry in the digital age are obsolete. With large entities like streaming platforms and record labels taking the lion’s share of the revenue, leaving little to no royalties for artists. Additionally, the lack of innovation with respect to how fans can interact, financially benefit from and collect this subcategory of fine art (in ways that used to be possible – e.g., CDs, vinyls, etc.) has led to a massive gap in the market that projectNEWM is bridging. The blockchain industry is already disrupting the traditional, financial operating systems that are generally controlled by the rich. As a corollary, projectNEWM, using blockchain technology, aims to disrupt the music industry by removing the overwhelming power of the monopolizing third parties. Our vision is to create a community-owned platform that directly connects artists with their supporters; removing the middlemen and replacing them with code that’s not incentivized to make a profit. To achieve this goal, we are developing a multi-level platform powered by several decentralized services for artists to publish, distribute, directly promote, fund and launch their music.

Category - Music and Streaming Platform
Release - 20xx
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