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Pavia is a utopian future world created for the early Metaverse pioneers, to settle, build and thrive. It is a welcoming, inclusive homeland for the Web 3 community, the NFT enthusiasts, and the crypto curious from all blockchains. Our open world is a blank canvas of fertile land awaiting the builders, creators and Web3 entrepreneurs of the future. Named after the birthplace of Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, Pavia is a world consisting of 100,000 plots of virtual NFT land minted on the Cardano blockchain. Our goal is to blend the fun of gaming and the inter-connection of social media with the new digital ownership paradigm of Web3. We want to bring back exploration, create new neighbourhoods and forge accidental new relationships. No more spoon-fed, algorithmically generated brainwash. We believe that through immersive 3D worlds and true digital ownership new types of opportunities will be identified, meaningful partnerships will be formed, all with real world stakes. The Metaverse will be built by the people. It’s an incredible moment in time where new communities will be formed to build meaningful experiences and content which they will truly own. At Pavia, we will build the tools and the platforms to enable a new generation of digital explorers to thrive and have Fun. Let’s build this together!

Category - Gaming/Metaverse
Release - 2020
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