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Shareslake is focused on creating a fully stable blockchain ecosystem that can be embraced by all those use cases that could benefit from the technology without exposure to volatility. For that, the Shareslake Network is an open blockchain network, based on Cardano technology, whose base coin is a fiat backed stablecoin, Redeemable (RED). Shareslake is the fully stable branch of Cardano. The Shareslake network supports everything you can do in Cardano, but is powered by a stablecoin instead of ADA. Operate a pool, earn staking rewards, interact with smart contracts, everything on top of USD-backed coin. The Redeemable stablecoin arrived to Cardano mainnet in September 2022, becoming the first stablecoin in the Cardano ecosystem. The Shareslake network was released on May 1st, 2022, becoming the first non-official Cardano network. The first Cardano fork (codebase).

Category - Stablecoin
Release - 2022
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