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Yamfore is a decentralised non-custodial lending protocol on Cardano. Yamfore is the first community backed lending protocol, providing stress-free “set & forget” crypto-backed loans for anyone & everyone. Yamfore differentiates itself by offering crypto-backed loans with no margin calls or ongoing interest payments and indefinite loan terms. The Yamfore protocol is funded through two methods. The first method is the collection of staking rewards earned from the deposited ADA collateral of all borrowers in the protocol. The staking rewards are then exchanged to stablecoins and resupplied to the stablecoin treasury. The second method is through the Yamfore liquidity treasury. The liquidity treasury contains 50% (500 million) of the total fixed supply of the native governance and utility token of the protocol, $CBLP. The liquidity treasury enables individuals to provide liquidity to Yamfore via depositing their ADA into the protocols staking portal. This allows individuals to forfeit their usual ADA staking rewards, in return for an allocation of $CBLP tokens distributed on a per epoch basis.

Category - Lend/Borrow
Release - 2022
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