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CHARLI3 is an open-source decentralized oracle to the Cardano Network. CHARLI3 is the platform that provides and verifies data—initially focused on blockchain economic values—for blockchain applications. CHARLI3 is a firm believer in decentralization and open, safe, and efficient access to accurate information. The contracts and updates will be open to the public. CHARLI3 will utilize blockchain-based rewards for node operators verifying data. Other services exist on the Ethereum network and report being chain-agnostic. One concern is that cross-platform accessibility and prioritization of parachain applications is likely secondary to Ethereum-based applications. Beyond this, Ethereum has notable issues with scaling and transaction expenses. All three of these issues are solved by having a Cardano-native oracle service to capture the ADA-based application market. ADA is also known to have superior metadata for identity verification. With the rapid growth of decentralized identity, ADA-based applications are at the forefront of solving these issues. Our discussions with these projects confirm that they will prefer a Cardanonative oracle service.

Category - Infrastructure
Release - 2022
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