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The co-evolution of humans and machines has been central to social advancement throughout history. With the rapid growth of AI, we have seen a clear trend in recent times. Everyone uses Grammarly. Midjourney was released only six months ago. ChatGPT took over the world in a matter of days. AI is reducing friction for millions of technology creators and users. Grammarly reduces the editing time from days to minutes so humans can focus more on the written content. Working together, Midjourney saves time for human artists to focus on more essential drawings. A novelist can complete a light novel without working with non-dedicated artists. Creators can create a banner without the need to brief a human graphic designer. The list goes on. Catching on to this trendy user experience, we integrate numerous AI to aid Teiki creators and backers. Our content moderation AI removes the need for a long review process. The generative models and writing assistance help creators start a project in days. The process usually takes weeks on platforms like Kickstarter. KYC alone needs 3–7 days. For backers, Teiki summarizes and recommends content to improve the browsing experience. We also have podcast generation, OCR, and much more in the future. These AI integrations maximize UX, minimize the time one needs to raise funding, and cut human costs. Combined with Cardano’s low transaction fees, Teiki offers a crowdfunding solution that is several times cheaper and lower in friction than alternatives.

Category - Infrastructure
Release - 2023
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