vBlocks  logo wants to promote art on Cardano. We provide an interactive 3D galleries builder which allow users to link their wallet and display their NFT collection in 3D showrooms. We provide a unique link for each gallery that can be shared freely within the community for anyone to see the NFTs you own and the story behind it! We are also currently building an art-oriented open world metaverse where each land (vBlock) owner will own a space on the map. Each vBlock owner will be able to fully design his own space and visit others. vBlocks provides lots of utility for your NFTs - Sharing the artwork you own on the Cardano blockchain - Creating a museum of all your NFTs with extensive descriptions on how you managed to get them - Preparing for a sale by showcasing the NFTs you have and providing links to marketplaces - Showcasing future collections you're working on - ... The possibilites are endless! vBlocks will be the first art-oriented metaverse on Cardano and will be fully community-driven. Lots of exciting things will be possible - roadmap already available

Category - Gaming/Metaverse
Release - 2022
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