About Me
My name is Michele, a 26-year-old cryptocurrency enthusiast from Italy. In December 2020, I started mining Ethereum for about a year. With the incoming ETH, I began to discover the world of DeFi, also exploring other chains including Cardano.
I left mining in mid-2021 and during the end of the bull run, I looking into Cardano's eUTXO. In early 2022, I started studying HTML, CSS, and JS and in June, I created CardanoLink as a website to aggregate useful links for the community. In November 2022, I participated the summit and from there I decided to do something more for the community, I improved the website up to v2.0 and in April 2023 I launched the Cardano Link Stake Pool (CLINK).
About Cardano Link
Cardanolink is a comprehensive resource for the Cardano community, offering users access to essential information in one convenient location. Launched in June 2022, the site initially served as a simple collection of links to official channels but has since evolved into its current version 2, featuring approximately 430 links. These pages cater to various needs, from Guides, repository link for developers to NFT projects and DeFi platforms, making it easy for users to find the resources they need.
About Stake Pool
CardanoLink Stake Pool (CLINK) is a single operator stake pool based in Italy, running one block producer and two relays. Our relays are strategically located in Italy and hosted on a VPS on Contabo in Germany to ensure fast block propagation times on the network. The two nodes in Italy are protected by a UPS capable of supporting them for 15 minutes in case of power failure.

Pool Id - pool1gxvkc0576e75065p5k0csvwme9y2qrefd5ga66nx0z65xxjt8jk

Block producer
Intel core i3 10100
32 Gb Ram
1Tb ssd

Relay 1 (Italy)
Intel core i3 10100
32 Gb Ram
1Tb ssd

Relay 2 (Germany)
8 vCPU Cores
800 GB SSD
340 ada fee
50% will keep us running, 25% will support the F2LB Community, and 25% will support the xSPO Alliance
These communities are not just groups; they are alliances working on a single rotating delegation system.
Every member, including CLINK, has a wallet, and these are delegated, at turn, to the first member in a rotation order, ensuring everyone receives delegations.
It's a game-changer for smaller pools, it helps to boostrap and consolidate on cardano network, mint their first blocks and leave their mark on the network.
When you choose to delegate with us, you're not just joining a pool - you're becoming part of a movement. You're making Cardano stronger and creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.
The two wallets each contain 1000 ADA, the minimum to enter the rotation of the pools.

xSPO wallet

F2LB wallet
cspa logo cspa logo cspa logo

Latest Update

Ver 2.1

May 2023

Website Changes

- Modified the main menu, it has been divided into categories and the style has been changed, making navigation smoother;
- Added search bar, once the desired result is selected, you will be redirected to the link;
- Modified the SEO for better visibility on Google;

Cardano Link Stake Pool

- The stake pool joined the Cardano Single Pool Alliance in epoch 408;
- The stake pool joined the xSPO Alliance in epoch 409

Ver 2.0

April 2023

Changes on website

- Changes have been made to the display style of the pages. Now, the links have been consolidated into a single page, making navigation easier;
- A new homepage has been created;
- Improved visibility on small screens;
- A search menu has been added that allows the user to select which section to display, even multiple sections at once;
- The sidebar menu will no longer appear upon opening the page;
- Italian language added ;
- An "About" page has been added;
- "Latest Updates" have been moved to the "About" page;
- Added 19 new link;
- The SEO has been updated, now if you share the Cardano Link URL on Twitter, a preview will appear;

Cardano Link Stake Pool

- The stake pool has been launched, epoch 406!;
- Ticker - CLINK;
- The initial pledge is 10k ADA;
- There are 2 relays (Italy and Germany);
- Additional information is available in the "About" section.

Ver 1.4.5

February 2023

- New Section "Cardano Newsletter" on Community page;
- New Section "Cardano Services" on Defi page;
- New Section "Cardano Education" on Community Project inside Community Page;
- Move some link in correct section;
- Added 20 link! 410 Total !

Ver 1.4.4

January 2023

- The community page has been updated, now it is divided into sections that are more easily accessible;
- Added new "Cardano Alliance" section on Community Page;
- Added message in "Search" page if the search did not produce any result;
- Split SPO section in SPO and SP (Stake Pool) on community page;
- Minor fix;
- Added 42 link! 395 Total

Ver 1.4.3

January 2023

- Added new "Cardano Bot" section on Tools Page;
- Fixed footer of Tools Page;
- Added 29 link! 353 Total

Ver 1.4.2

December 2022

- Fixed position of card,now displayed on the right line;
- Removed dark/light button;
- Slightly changed the style of the site
- Better usability and speed on mobile;
- Added Form for upload new project;
- Added new "Stake Pool Operator" section on Community page;
- Added Search function on "Search" Page

Ver 1.4.1 + link

December 2022

- Added new "Services" section on Developer page;
- Added new "Twitter Space and Podcast" section on Community page;
- Move "Cardano NFT Tools" section from Tools to Nft page;
- Added new "Mint Cardano NFT" section on NFT page;
- Added new "Cardano Artist" section on Community page;
- Added new "Cardano Music and Streaming Platform" section on Defi page;
- 1 link Deleted
- 29 Link Added
-Total Link : 307

Ver 1.4 + link

November 2022

- Fixed the white side in the "Defi" page on Phone;
- Minor change on Seo;
- Added new description page for projects in "defi";
- Added new "docs & guide" page;
- 6 link Deleted
- 19 Link Added
-Total Link : 285

Ver 1.3.2 + link Deleted

November 2022

- Added "social" page
- Channel link move on "social" page
- 9 link deleted
-Total Link : 272

Link added

5 November 2022

-12 new Link
-1 Link deleted
-Total Link : 281

Ver. 1.3.1

November 2022

-Now you can display all nft link on "NFT" page;
-Alert "add your project" added to homepage;
-Cardanolink now support desktop,tablet and phone screen:
-Added new "Metaverse/Games" section on Defi page

Links added

2 November 2022

-11 new Link
-1 Link deleted
-Total Link : 270

Ver. 1.3

October 2022

-Latest Add and Latest Cardano Link Update on Homepage;
-Update info Link on Homepage;
-Now images displayed are in Webp format (Previus Png);
-Added Light/Dark theme button;
-Fixed Api display on homepage


5 October 2022

- 250 Link Reached

Ver. 1.2

August 2022

-Tools page now have right image on card and logo where possible ;
-Removed 6 expired link from all page;
-New tag added on Developers,Nft and Community page;
-New card style on community channel.

Ver. 1.1

July 2022

-Added Developers page with github section;
-Added Milkomeda page;
-New section on Community page;
-Added Nft Drop page;
-New section on Defi page;

Ver. 1.0

June 2022

-Added News section on Community Page;
-Minor ccs bug fixed;
-Footer under menu fixed;
-Seo optimization;
-Added Dex page;