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Providing open source tools to support DAO infrastructure and promote decentralization
Cardano Translator (Twitter)
Bridging LATAM with the world and the world with LATAM
Cardano Nation
We're community members which support the growth & adoption of the Cardano ecosystem
VYRA is a social network based on Cardano. You can only log in with your wallet
Cardano Talent
Discord server for Cardano professionals. Looking for work? Looking to expand your team? Recruiting?
Socious is a talent marketplace that makes impact work accessible and transparent
Cardano Community Hubs
Multilingual Cardano Community Hubs Worldwide
Providing support - Cardano & Crypto Communities
Making digital events that people can get excited about
World's first ECO Fair Trade Project with asset backed CashewF Coins
EMURGO Africa is the regional entity of EMURGO Middle East & Africa (MEA)
Cardano Art Collective
From photographers to handmade to digital to AI to 3D Sculpting
Discover Cardano
Our mission is to raise awareness and adoption of the Cardano ecosystem
Open-source education & collaboration platform built on Cardano
Cardano For Climate
Making the world work better for all people, animals, and the living planet.
Cardano Jobs
A custom job board for the Cardano ecosystem
Cardano Cube
We make information more accessible by providing an overview of all projects and dApps building on Cardano
SPO Japan Guild
Promoting Cardano Decentralization from Japan
The first automotive project on Cardano
A platform dedicated sharing, learning & connecting. Focused on Cardano for MVP
Our technological ecosystem will revolutionize agriculture. Investors and farmers, united to drive agricultural growth
Redefining Online Learning: Earn While You Discover, Grow, and Achieve. Built leveraging Cardano
Sustainable Ada
The Stepping Stones to a Sustainable & Equitable World For All
Cardano Fraud Detection
The Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau is a crowdsourced list of suspicious sites /URLs
Digital Cash
We explain all you need to know about blockchain and Cardano, simply.
Cardano 24
Social created for Cardano Community
DCOne Crypto
Cardano ecosystem interface map showing all projects and dapps on the Cardano blockchain
ADA Bounties is a combination of a job listing website and a bug bounty website
ProSkills39 is a Service Marketplace for supporting setting up blockchain projects and business projects
Transforming hiring with a decentralized platform for transparency, diversity, and inclusivity
Built On Cardano
Discover projects and dApps building on Cardano
Cardano Spot
A community-driven Social media network for Cardano
Plutus Project Based Learning
Eastern Town Hall
We enable community members from various countries and languages in the eastern hemisphere to onboard themselves onto Project Catalyst & Cardano
Catalyst Africa Town Hall
The Catalyst Africa Town Hall is a community-driven project which emerged through engagement in Project Catalyst
Web3CityEvents helps organise and also sponsor interoperable Cardano Web3 events around the world; a collab with Buzz the Bellboy and Cardano Hotel Barcelona
Cardano Centers
Cardano Centers is expanding worldwide as the go-to networking haunt for all things Cardano, Web3 & Blockchain
Bamboo Labs
Bamboo proposes a communication and user support strategy with 5 main parts: Research and share Meeting Bot tools Cooperation and expansion Community activities

Community Around the World

European Cardano Community
The EU Cardano Community - join us and let’s change the world together!
Nordic Cardano Community
Our mission at the Nordic Cardano Community is to foster a thriving and inclusive ecosystem around the Cardano blockchain within the Nordic region
Greek Community
Greek Cardano Community
Cardano Malaysia
User Supporting & Growing the Malaysian Cardano Community. We are looking for new members to expand this circle
Ghana Community
Driving Cardano adoption & growing the CardanoCommunity in Ghana
Cardano Azzurra
The first Italian community of Cardano Stake Pool Operators
Cardano Mena Community
The MENA community is a dedicated space for community members, builders and collaborators who are from or live in the MENA region

Educational Project

DirectEd Development Foundation
For a world in which any person can realise their full potential, regardless of their draw in the lottery of life
Cardano Student hub Oxford - blockchain education, socials, scholarships, articles and more!
Lido Nation
Blockchain education in plain English, Kiswahili & Español, outreach, and global community-building
Open-source education & collaboration platform built on Cardano
EMURGO Academy
EMURGO Academy is a Global Blockchain Learning Solutions entity of EMURGO


Voting on the Cardano blockchain
Intersect is a member-based organization for the Cardano ecosystem — putting the community at the center of Cardano’s development
Our mission is to construct the foundation for enhanced decentralized governance, foster public engagement in decision-making processes, cultivate a novel online discourse culture, and empower community management
SanchoNet Governance Tool
User Interact with SanchoNet using GovTool - a friendly user interface connected to SanchoNet. You can delegate your voting power or become a SanchoNet DRep to allow people to delegate voting power to you

Stake Pool and Operators

Cardano Dan
IT pro & blockchain enthusiast
Legal US business IRF LLC, 19th member of xSPO alliance; 3rd cohort of IOHK's Plutus Pioneers
Giovanni Gargiulo
Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and Stake Pool Operator.
Single bare-metal pool operator
SPO of Carden Pool - CRPL
Stake Pool Operator
Sagan Stake Pool
Donating 10% of Pool Rewards to Astronomers Without Borders
KTOP_ADA Staking Pool
Arcadian Computers
Arcadian Crypto Pool 1
Monster Stake Pool
We are a trying to raise awareness and funds for MS Research
X Stake Pool
Operated by Japanese system engineer
Adria SPO
Adria Pool is trusted high-performance ZERO fees Single Stake Pool
Straight Pool
Cardano STR8 pool, IT Professional, Cardano Ambassador, German
LEAD Stake Pool
With supporting text below as a natural lead-in to additional content.
Euskal Stake Pool
Our Main Mission is very simple: Cardano Mission!
Welcome to the world of the ONYX stake pools!
8B Stake Pool

X Space and Podcast

Cardano Hotel Podcast
The Cardano Hotel Podcast is supported by Stakepool HOTEL
Cardano Over Coffee (Twitter)
Cardano Twitter Spaces Monday - Friday 9:30 Am - 11:30 AM EST
Space to talk about everything to do with Cardano
Cardano Women
We aim to raise awareness of women on the blockchain and to motivate a culture of inclusiveness in Cardano.
Epoch End
Live on TwitterSpaces every EpochsEnd, tune in to discuss Cardano, Crypto and Life.
The Cardano Community Podcast
TCCP has been created to provide a platform for our global, diverse community, to hear or write about what they are working on, share thoughts, and hopefully encourage further networking
Freedom 35ers
Cardano NFT Podcast - Weekly episodes every Monday 9pm EST & Friday 9am


Cardano Spot Newsletter
It's that time of the week again!
ThinkGrowCrypto Media Newsletter
A Cardano-biased, Blockchain News Media Outlet
Cardano RealFi Newsletter
Latest news from DeFi & RealFi projects building on Cardano in your inbox weekly


Ghost Chain Latest
Latest information about Cardano ecosystem
Adaverse News
Covering projects in the Cardano and Ergo ecosystem
Ada Pulse
AdaPulse covers projects building inside the Cardano ecosystem
Cardano Feed
News aggregator about Cardano ($ADA) for everyone


Hey I'm NIDO. I'm a music producer from Norway. Synthwave/EDM Style.
Illustrator & Storyteller
Humanities, Esoterisism & Cardano Art
Cardano based artist mostly into creating generative art using AI
Nicholas Neil Carter, better known by his stage name Murs, is an American rapper.
Anime PFP Handrawn not generate
3D/CGI All terrain artisan and AI Art alchemist
Artist/illustrator - Creator of "little places"
Just an aspiring 1/1 artist in Cardano
NFT and tattoo artist
Christine - Evolved Arts
Christine creator of Evolved Arts
Fully on-chain generative cNFT artist
Self-taught painter - I paint eyes to see the world wider
Recording artist | Singer Songwriter | Producer | Cardano Music Award Nominee |


Cardano Defi Alliance
Leading Plutus DeFi Protocols Join Forces to Establish the Cardano DeFi Alliance
Cardano Single Pool Alliance
We are an alliance of pool operators who have honourably and unselfishly vowed to each run a single pool
F2LB Community
First 2 Lifetime Blocks, Cardano ADA CryptoCoin, Stake Pool Operator Community
Armada Alliance
The Armada Alliance is a fleet of energy-efficient decentralized Cardano Blockchain Stake Pools
Cardano Mission Driven Pools
Mission Driven Pools (MDP) is a collective of mission based Cardano stake pool operators.
Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association
The Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association is a coalition of Cardano stake pool operators across Canada
xSPO Alliance
xSPO is a fun group of SPO's that joined with XS (eXtra Small) stakes of less than 1m ADA
Climate Neutral Cardano
Climate Neutral Cardano Group of SPOs
Our mission is to empower developers to build UTxO-based applications with confidence and help bring in the next billion users to Cardano
Cardano Bare Metal Alliance
Cardano Bare Metal Alliance is an alliance that operate their stake pools using at least one bare metal server
Freeloaderz DAO Coalition of 60+ Cardano pools

Docs & Guide

Docs -Cardano
The central hub for Cardano documentation.
Docs -Cardano SPOT Check
a series of checks and useful tips to make sure your nodes are working properly
Docs -Cardano Developers
Cardano Developers Portal, content for technical people.
Docs -Understanding your SP configuration files
Understand SP Configuration files.
Docs -The Cardano Engineering Handbook
Cross-project policies and information that relate to all the projects in the Cardano Open Source Consortium
Docs -How to Guides for SPOs using Coincashew Method
Welcome to our guides on Maintenance, Daily Operations and Best Practices for Cardano Stake Pool operators
Docs -Cardano Docker
Shows various ways to run Cardano in Container Runtime Environments
Docs -Cardano Wallet 101
Everything you need to know and understand to have the necessary knowledge about how your wallet works
Docs -Scripts for Cardano SPO
Find some simple yet useful scripts to operate your Cardano Staking Pool
Docs -Mithril user manual
Let's discover Mithril in less than five minutes
Docs -Cardano 101
Here we explain all you need to know about blockchain and Cardano, simply.
Docs -Armada Alliance documentation
We are a community of Cardano stake pool operators & developers who prefer using efficient ARM based computers. We aim to provide support and free educational resources for the Cardano community
Docs -Cardano-cli Cheat sheet and study sheets
This document contains all the commands and options of the cardano-cli
Guide -How to Stake ADA on Yoroi
Learn how to stake ADA on Yoroi in three easy steps!
Guide - KES Key Rotation
KES Key Rotation Procedure (SPO)
Guide - Yoroi
What is yoroi, difference between Daedalus and how to use it.
Guide - Guild Operator
This documentation contains instructions and information about various guild tools which simplify various stake-ops for operators
Guide - Cardano Delegation
Give newcomers to the Cardano Ecosystem detailed instructions on how purchase, transfer and delegate.
Guide - Setup a stake pool
How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS
Guide - Ways to participate in Project Catalyst
Get involved in the Cardano community
Guide - Making a secure Cardano Stake Pool
This guide aims to be an all-in-one place for SP
Guide - StakePool Operator Scripts (SPOS)
These scripts here should help you to manage your StakePool via the CLI.
Guide - Mint/Burn asset via CNTOOLS
How to mint/burn asset with CNTOOLS
Guide - Cardano Anti-Fraud
Deterring Fraud In Cardano With Education
Guide - SanchoNet
Guide for SanchoNet stake pool operators (SPOs)

Github and Other Resources

Haskell and Cryptocurrencies
We will explore the joys of functional programming, using Haskell as a vehicle.
Python Cardano module 0.8
This module has been started as an idea submitted to the Catalyst Project. The funded part concluded with version 0.7
Python library for automating transactions on the Cardano blockchain
Cardano Documentation
Welcome to the central hub for Cardano documentation
Fracada Il Primo
Advanced Plutus fractionalized NFT protocol which supports "NFT Bag" functionality.
Cardano dapps js
A library that enables websites to quickly become dApps using Javascript code.
A Go client implementation of the Cardano Ouroboros network protocol
Cardano-go is a library for creating go applications that interact with the Cardano Blockchain
PoolTool Send Slot
Send Assigned Slots Leader + Send Last Block Information to
Cardano GraphQL
The project contains multiple packages for composing GraphQL services
Cardano Nft Minter
A script that handles minting Cardano NFT tokens in a simple and interactive way
Kupo is fast, lightweight and configurable chain-index for the Cardano blockchain.
Cardano Serialization Library
This is a library, written in Rust, for serialization & deserialization of data structures used in Cardano's Haskell implementation of Alonzo along with useful utility functions
Cardano Dapp integration
This repository aims to provide useful hooks and React components to simplify the Cardano dapp integration
A toolbox of integrations for Cardano & WordPress all packaged into a neat plugin.
Oura is a tool that connects on-chain data with stream-processing infrastructure.
Mempool display tool for a Cardano Node.
Cardano Node
The core component for running a Cardano node.
Cardano Node Docker Image (for ARM64 devices)
Find the files to build a docker image on Linux containing all the needed files to run a Cardano full node.
Cardano Wallet JS
Cardano Wallet JS is a javascript/typescript SDK for Cardano with several functionalities.
Cardano Ledger
Contains the formal specifications, executable models, and implementations of the Cardano Ledger.
Nft vending machine
A simple vending machine Python library for minting Cardano NFTs using cardano-cli and scripting.
Cardano Public API
Provided by
NMKR VendingMachine
A Cardano NFT vending machine built with a few bash scripts, using for minting.
Cardano Testnets
Provides Cardano SPOs, developers, and users with a place to break things before they go live on Mainnet.
Cardano Client Library
This library simplifies the interaction with Cardano blockchain from a Java application.
Ansible cardano-node
The Ansible cardano-node repository contains an Ansible playbook for provisioning secure, optimized Cardano nodes for Stake Pool Operators (SPOs).
Cardano NixOps
NixOps deployment configuration for IOHK/Cardano developers.
Cardano Developer Portal
A portal that is in the hands of the Cardano community and can be constantly evolved by it.
Cnft twitter bot
A simple Python script to run long-lived Twitter bots for CNFT listings and sales.
Script for Node Update
Script for cardano-node software upgrade (CNTOOLS users).
ADA Handle Resolver
This project aims to provide a scoped indexer for retrieving ADA Handle information from the Cardano blockchain and exposing it via REST using Yaci Store
Cardano Mercury
At Cardano Mercury, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers engage in commerce using the Cardano blockchain

Website For Developers

Blink Labs
Building open-source technology for the future of decentralized global finance.
Cardano smart contract language and toolchain.
Cardano API-as-a-Service, with IPFS support.
Cardano Developer Portal
Let’s build together.
Martify Labs
All-in-one place for Smart Contract and NFT Infrastructure.
Zero To Haskell
Go Zero to Haskell today and get your career in Cardano started.
Dandelion Link
Your lightweight API link to Cardano.
Cardano Update
Cardano releases and daily development reports at 00:00 (UTC).
Tx Pipe
OpenSource tools and infrastructure for Cardano blockchain developers.
CardanoSharp.Wallet is a Cardano Cryptographic and Serialization library for .NET applications.
Cardano Creation
Design studio for Cardano blockchain.
Tango Crypto
Everything you need to create your next idea.
Blockchain Solutions to Empower The World.
A consistent query layer for Cardano's developers to build upon, with multiple, redundant endpoints.
OpenCNFT Public Rest API
FREE public Api for Cardano NFT.
Cardano Big Query
Allowing everybody to stress-free analyze on-chain data.
Helios Language
A DSL for writing smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.
Building open source developer tools for the Cardano ecosystem.

Plutus Resources

Plutus Pioneer Program
This program teaches Haskell and Plutus, preparing students for writing smart contracts on Cardano.
The Plutus Application Framework
A framework for developing distributed applications using the Cardano blockchain.
Lucid is a library, which allows you to create Cardano transactions and off-chain code for your Plutus contracts in JavaScript, Deno, and Node.js.
Scala implementation of Cardano Plutus.
The Plutonomicon is a developer-driven guide to the Plutus smart contract language in practice.
Plutus-extra (Liqwid-Lab)
A collection of Plutus-related helper libraries.
An embedded DSL for Cardano smart contracts creation coupled with a library for Cardano transactions, all in TypeScript.
Plutus Platform starter project
This project provides a simple starter project for using the Plutus Platform.
Plutus Playground
The Plutus Playground consists of a code editor and a simulator.
Scala implementation of Cardano Plutus.
Plutus Core
Plutus Core is the scripting language embedded in the Cardano ledger and forms the basis of the Plutus Platform.
Cardano NFT js toolkit (Lucid)
This package provides a simple example of how to use Lucid to build a frontend dApp for NFT minting.
Opshin Pioneer Program
Questo repository ospita un'implementazione in opshin/python delle lezioni del programma Plutus Pioneers, un corso di formazione per ingegneri di smart contract di Cardano.

Services for Developers

Crypto-secure immutable graph database with cloud-native architecture.
Permanentum provides programmable and guaranteed storage via a one directional bridge into Filecoin.
Whether you’re a startup, scaleup, or large corporation: we have the tools to transform your ideas into digital products.

Telegram Channel

Announcements Channel
Official Community and Ecosystem Announcement.
IOHK Marlowe Official Channel
Dedicated channel for Marlowe developers and users.
Cardano North-America Official Channel
Discuss anything Cardano.
Cardano Dutch and Flemish Official Channel
Official Cardano Foundation Dutch & Flemish chatroom.
Cardano Mexico Unofficial Channel
Encouraging conversations about everything related to the Cardano ecosystem.
Cardano Persian Unofficial Channel
Latest news, analysis, review, and discussion about Cardano.
Cardano Official Channel
Official Cardano Community Telegram Group
Cardano Russian Unofficial Channel
Cardano Group dedicated to the Russian Developers community
Cardano Português Official Channel
Cardano Discussion Group (ADA) for all Lusophone Communities
Cardano Korea Official Channel
Official channel of Cardano Korea
Cardano German Official Channel
The German community for Cardano (ADA)
Cardano Italy Unofficial Channel
Reference group for the Italian community of Cardano
Developers Channel
Official Cardano Foundation chatroom for Developers
Project Catalyst Chat
This is a place to share your ideas on future Cardano improvements proposals
Cardano Report To Admin Channel
Report issues with our rulings, users, admins or something else
Cardano China Official Channel
Cardano official Chinese community
Cardano Japan Official Channel
Cardano Foundation Japan Official Telegram Chat Room
Cardano Brasil Unofficial Channel
Cardano Group dedicated to the Brazilian community
Guild Tools Announcements
Announcements and feedback channel for Guild tools
Stake Pool Workgroup Channel
Cardano Stake Pool Best Practice Workgroup
Stake Pool Advertisements Channel
A forum for SPOs and delegators to discuss ideas each other
SPO Announcement Channel
A read-only announcement channel for Cardano SPOs to receive key updates
Cardano Espanol Official Channel
Official Group in Spanish of the Cardano Community on Telegram
Cardano Francophone Unofficial Channel
Discussions around Cardano, governance, applications, info, news and developments
Cardano Turkey Unofficial Channel
Meeting point of Turkish Cardano / ADA fans
Emurgo Academy Community
Telegram group of Emurgo Academy

X Channel

EMURGO is a blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, companies & government
Cardano Foundation
Supporting & growing the Cardano ecosystem. The Cardano Foundation is non-profit
Yoroi Wallet
Yoroi is simple, fast and secure wallet for Cardano And Ergo
Cardano Community
A decentralized blockchain based on peer-reviewed research and highly secure Haskell coding language
Input Output
We are a research and development company
Cardano Feed
News aggregator about Cardano ($ADA) for everyone

Facebook Channel

Input Output
We are a research and development company committed to using the peer-to-peer innovations of blockchain
EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders
Cardano Foundation
Cardano Foundation is a blockchain and cryptocurrency organisation based in Zug, Switzerland.
Yoroi Wallet is an open-source, Cardano ADA light wallet from one of the founding entities of Cardano

Discord Channel

Project Catalyst
This Discord Server requires that the Catalyst Project Rules of Conduct be followed by all participants
The Cardano Lounge
We are a community of Cardano enthusiasts that offer discussions and insights to help guide early adopters
Cardano NFT
Discord of OG CardanoNFT Hub
Developers Portal
This discord is about the Cardano Developer Portal and we generally adhere to the Community Code Of Conduct
IOG Technical
Cardano community where you can learn how cardano works and how to program it

Other Social Channel

Cardano Eli5 - Reddit
Cardano_ELI5 is a subreddit designed to compile common Cardano-related questions
EMURGO - Youtube
EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders
Cardano Developers - Reddit
A subreddits dedicated to everyone building on the Cardano blockchain.
EMURGO - Medium
EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders
Cardano Forum
Official Cardano Forum, meet the community
Input Output - Youtube
Input Output is an infrastructure research and development company with a goal of improving systems for everyone,
Cardano Blockchain - Meetup
Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source
Cardano Foundation - Youtube
Cardano Foundation is a blockchain and cryptocurrency organisation based in Zug, Switzerland

Chain Explorer

Cardano PoolTool
PoolTool is an online platform built to facilitate the interaction between SPOs and their stakeholders
Cex Explorer
We are running the oldest and most featured explorer on Cardano network
Cardano Timelines
Educational project that seeks to represent the cardano ecosystem through infographics
Cardano blockchain Explorer
Cardano blockchain Explorer in an Open source cardano project
Raw Cardano Explorer
Powered by with Love from Quixote Dream Pool
Chain data for the Cardano blockchain is independent tool maintanced by ex-Cardano Ambassador Josef, member of Cardanians group
Cardano Scan
Feature rich blockchain explorer and analytics platform for Cardano
Unofficial WMT Website providing additional information is a Cardano blockchain realtime visualization made by SM₳UG pool
Cardano Assets
Cardano Token Explorer
An overview of the cardano blockchain data


Cardano Epoch Calendar
What are epochs in cardano?
Reverse Image Search
Reverse image search allows you to find the most similar pictures over the internet
Do Your Own Research is a tool for evaluating dapps, tokens, NFT's and blockchain projects
CRCI Index
Cardano RealFi Confidence Index is a structured review of Cardano DeFi projects.
Proof Of Cardano
Tracking open source development on Cardano
Rewards Calculator
How Much Can You Earn From Staking Ada?
Cardano Calendar
Keep track of events, in-person meetups, Twitter Spaces, NFT drops, and much more!
Cardano Reward Calculator
The calculator shows how much reward can be expected for Pools with different parameters and different settings of the Cardano network
The Xerberus Intelligence Protocol joins Researchers with Data to reach verifiable conclusions about the true state of Web3
Cardano Blockchain Insights
Cardano Blockchain Insights by Cardano Fans Staking Pool (CRFA)
Defi Yield App
Asset Management Dashboard secured by a Security Blockchain
Blockchain Intelligence app dedicated to supporting the Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem
Cardano portfolio summary tool. See aggregated assets, art, property, DeFi liquidity, loans and delegations for multiple wallet addresses
Building on Cardano
A place to view whats happening within the cardano ecosystem.
Cardano Planner
Don't start the day before planning the day. Don't start the Epoch before planning the Epoch
Dapps On Cardano
Cardano dapps store. All metrics and statistics for dapps in one place
Tap Tools
The number one asset tracking platform on Cardano. Chart Analysis, Wallet Profiler, and Portfolio Tracker

Token Dispenser

The fastest, most trusted token delivery platform on the Cardano blockchain
Seamlessly airdrop Cardano and Ergo native tokens to your community


Security Bot for Discord
The premier scam prevent Discord bot that protects communities from scammers
Cardano Thoth Bot for Telegram
Thoth is a Telegram Bot that helps Cardano users getting notifications
Discord Bot with NFT & delegator verification & scam protection


The Sweetest Decentralized Exchange in the Cardano Ecosystem
Astarter Defi Hub
The DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano backed by EMURGO
Ada Markets
One stop platform for all your Cardano native asset trading
The first multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano
Accelerating the world transition to a fair and efficient financial system for everyone
We contribute to the Coziest Stablecoin DEX on Cardano
TangleSwap combines the best decentralized finance solutions for users to seamlessly manage and grow their digital assets
Native and fast AMM decentralized exchange platform.
Swap tokens, earn & invest on Cardano's leading DeFi ecosystem
The first DEX trading Optim Bond tokens on Cardano
Spectrum Finance
A noncustodial, decentralised exchange that allows a quick, effortless and secure transfer
DexHunter (Aggregator)
DexHunter - Smoothest Cardano Aggregator Token Trading
Decentralized Profit-Sharing Finance on Cardano
VyFinance is Decentralized Finance protocol built on Cardano that includes features such as a decentralised exchange (DEx), redistributive mechanism (BAR), governance, lottery and token/NFT Vaults
SteelSwap (Aggregator)
Refining swap outputs. Forging Cardano DeFi mastery.


Flint Wallet
An open sourced, light, browser extension wallet, with both testnet and mainnet functionalities
Gero Wallet
Start exploring the possibilities of Cardano. Purchase, send, and receive ADA
The open source wallet for ada, built to grow with the Cardano blockchain.
Crypto Wallet supporting 50+ blockchains & over 400K tokens.
Eternl Wallet
Cardano light wallet (formerly known as ccvaultio)
A lightweight, in-browser wallet for Cardano. Trezor & Ledger support
One fast, accessible, and secure platform for digital assets by IHOK
B58 Finance (Begin Wallet)
The easiest way of being part of a decentralized financial world.
Yoroi Wallet
Your gateway to the financial world
Ada Handle
An NFT-powered naming solution for your Cardano wallet address
GameChanger Wallet
The ultimate wallet experience for the Web, with native #NFT and #token features
The first comprehensive CNFT Mobile Portfolio App.
Typhon Wallet
Your Gateway To Cardano
Bynet Wallet
Take control of your crypto with Bynet Wallet
A Cardano mobile light wallet
Cardano Shield
Proactive protection from Phishing via websites and transactions using Machine learning modules and community insights
Mantium (IOS)
Introducing the most intuitive and reliable mobile wallet for Cardano. Fast, secure and easy-to-use. Join the future of non-custodial wallet - try it out now!
Trezor (Hardware)
Crypto security made easy!
Nufi Web3 Wallet
Powerful Web3 wallet for every crypto lifestyle
Keystone Wallet (Hardware)
Empowering self-custody since 2017
Want crypto? Get Ledger. We provide uncompromising self-custody solutions for the revolution of value
The Next Generation Cross-Chain Smart Wallet for Cardano


Subscribe, control and pay with crypto!
COTI Network
COTI is a fully encompassing “finance on the blockchain” ecosystem
Cardano Cash
Cardano Cash $CCH is a deflationary token for fast payments!


Launch Bowl (Minswap)
Launch Bowl offers promising projects some of the most potent DeFi primitives to launch
Genius X
Assisting early-stage startups attain speed, scale and edge.
Token Allies
A two sided platform where companies of all sizes can tokenize their company or product in seek of funding
Coinecta is a next-generation Cardano-based token launch platform
VENT is a community crowdfunding ecosystem that makes it easy to join compliant token sales
IPD PAD Pioneering Innovation in Decentralized Fundraising

Lend and Borrow

Liquid Labs
An open-source, algorithmic and non-custodial interest rate protocol built for lenders, borrowers and developers
Decentralized Lending and Borrowing on Cardano.
A cross-chain borrowing and lending protocol for NFTs, liquidity positions, and synthetic assets
Fluid Tokens
Lend and borrow using your NFTs on Cardano's first NFT-DeFi bridge.
Set & forget crypto-backed loans with no margin calls or interest repayments and indefinite loan terms
Landing Pond
Make your NFTs work for you.
The leading NFT and token lending protocol on Cardano
CherryLend is an open source and non-custodial lending protocol
Empowa - The First RealFi (DeFi) Property Platform on Cardano
Flac Finance
A RealFi platform that is faster, safer, and accessible to everyone. Built On Cardano.


USDM - Mehen Stablecoin
Developing USDM Fiat-Backed Stablecoin For The Cardano Blockchain.
Djed is a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin developed by IOG and issued by COTI
MyUSD, a fully redeemable native stablecoin of Cardano, is utilized by Mynth for seamless interoperable transfers


Cornucopias 'The Island' is a massive Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, and Learn-To-Earn blockchain based game
Play for tokens and NFTs, boost rewards by holding our Dawgs and support Cardano’s top creators. Get your game on!
An NFT-based game project on the Cardano blockchain.
The first decentralized Motorcycle Racing Manager game, on Cardano. Train your riders, mint motorcycles based on your research, and scout for future champions!
Clay animation arts and culture project founded on Cardano
Cardano Karts
Playable Racing Karts & P2E racing game on Cardano
Pavia is an evolving, community-built virtual world where you can create, play, own and earn
MVPz sport
MVPz is a sports social network, a sports strategy game, a sports card collection, and a sports ecommerce site all combined on one platform
Avventurati attraverso le terre di Adania, un regno lontano di alta fantasia

Music Streaming Platform

Music Platform. Our vision is to bring change to the music industry.
The music streaming marketplace for artists and music lovers
Nucast is a video streaming platform on the Cardano blockchain.

Defi Services

World's 1st ISPO platform and blockchain API for Cardano.
A Cloud Computing Platform offering access to a decentralized IAG-powered Shared Storage & Compute Economy
Anvil Dev Agency
Ada Anvil provides advanced solutions for Web3 projects via a variety of services
Platform for medical teleconsultations by chat/video calls

Defi Infrastructure

Decentralized system for issuing and verifying documents on Cardano blockchain
Utilising cryptocurrency to change the housing market
Immunity Life
Worlds first AI smart digital disease health registry DAPP with self sovereign identification NFTs
Cardano Beam
GPS based Assets on the Cardano Blockchain
Mynth enables cross-chain swaps that connect Cardano to the real world, empowering users to make the most of Cardano and other blockchains
Book Token
CardanoNFT marketplace & exchange for buying, reading, and selling eBooks and Audiobooks
Privacy protocol on Cardano
ORCF₳X oracle
Decentralized Cardano oracle that validates, publishes & archives standards-based fact statements about the real world
Decentralised identity for any use case. Fast, scalable, secure.
The decentralized Option protocol on Cardano - One option at a time
Pangolin Protocol
Advanced mint-escrow Services
Smart contract audit token
Building a DAO for decentralized audits, research, and safety on Cardano
MAYZ Protocol
The first cross-chain Financial Indexing Protocol on Cardano.
Foreon Network
Foreon Network is an information market platform where users can trade on the predicted outcome of future events, creating a share portfolio based on their forecasts to earn a return
Automate yield farming and provide liquidity to DEXes or lending platforms in return for rewards
Your wallet is your inbox
Provider of Jackpot Vending machines on the Cardano blockchain! Are you feeling lucky?
World Mobile
The first mobile network owned by the people and built on blockchain
Matera Protocol
First protocol that creates sustainable portfolios on DeFi. Built on Cardano.
Cardano's Decentralized Oracle
Incentivized Testnet. T2E Test to Earn
DEGA builds advanced Web3 tools that simplify and speed the development process of Web3 Games and Metaverse products
We're building a new Synthetic Assets Protocol for Cardano
Share exclusive files and experiences with your community using customizable access conditions
CNS - Cardano Connect
A Web3 social ID powered by Cardano , backed by Emurgo & Adaverse
Yarn solutions is the industry leading remote web3 freelance & Jobs marketing Platform
Cardano GPT
Building Generative AI Products & Chatbots on The Blockchain Powered By CGI
Publish here your book in CNFT format
Unlock A World of Opportunities Through Fractional Tokenized Ownership Of RWA (Real World Assets), All Powered By Cardano
UNCHAIN ONCHAIN: Legacy Meets Liquidity! TVVIN is at the intersection between TradFi & DeFi offering investor grade RWAs such as Gold
Stake Pool Brand Agency
Branding and communication agency for crypto stake pool operators
Cardano's first DePIN Aggregator. Opening the gateway to a global rewards based economy

NFT Drop Calendars

Cnft Radar
Explore everything about CNFT projects & Tokens.


Premier cNFT & Native Asset minting platform. Mint. Sell. Trade. Explore.
A launchpad for creators, a marketplace for collectors
Revolutionizing NFT trading by seamlessly integrating transaction with social interactions
Cardano based Real estate NFT marketplace
Il marketplace NFT e hub per Cardano
JPG Store
A User-friendly, Smart Contract enabled NFT Marketplace
Bringing equitable smart contract and the first on-chain affiliate on Cardano
The NFT Exchange
Token Riot
We are an underground movement, spawned by a rebellion against boring old ideas. We didn't come to sit still and be quiet. We came to start a riot.
A premium marketplace experience

NFT Tools

Together we are building open source frameworks and decentralized applications for the Cardano blockchain
Non-custodial Cardano NFT Staking. Stake all your NFTs
3D kiwi
Wish granting fairy. NFT market map maker
Cnft Tools
Cardano NFT Tool
L4VA is an automated application, which instantly delivers equivalent value of our utility token (“L4VA”) equal to any NFTs floor price which users “sacrifice” to the L4VA application
Delist NFT from Cnft
Remove your NFT listed on the depreacated cardano marketplace

Mint NFT

The full web3 tool for minting NFTs, manage your policyID, create royalties and minting in few seconds
PepperMint (Discord)
Minting service for NFT projects based on the Cardano blockchain
Retro NFTs
CardanoNFT Minting Services.
Cardano Token and NFT Builder
What do you want to create on Cardano? Explore our builder!
Saturn NFT
The fastest, easiest, multisig NFT Collection creation platform on Cardano!
Your decentralized platform for token deployment on Cardano. Mint, Vest, ITO, LBE, etc. Entirely Smart Contract governed.
The easiest way to create, manage and sell your NFT collections.
Cardano NFT explorer and minting tool.
Premium Cardano development service. From NFT sales to custom dApps.
Cardano Tools
A NFT minting, burning, registering, and viewing platform aiming to make NFTs more accessible.
Sick City is an NFT minting solution, specializing in music and multimedia on the Cardano Blockchain.
Straight-forward NFT minting on the cardano network.
Building a user-friendly, affordable, secure, no-code, and multi-signature mint platform for Cardano native assets
Cur8 Labs provides software and display solutions for creators, collectors, curators and businesses
Empowering Cardano's future via innovative software solutions | Forge Minting Service

Milkomeda Defi

Blueshift introduces a new portfolio-based AMM and asset manager
Earn, Swap and Provide Liquidity with Cardano Leading DEX
DxSale (Cross-Chain)
Mint and launch your tokens with no coding required in minutes across 16 blockchain
The decentralized exchange for Cardano and Milkomeda

Milkomeda Community

Dc Spark
We build critical infrastructure for promising crypto projects
Layer 2 Protocol (Rollups) delivering EVM capabilities to non-EVM blockchains
Paima Studios
Unlocking the future of decentralized gaming one innovative step at a time.

Milkomeda Tools

Blockscout Explorer
Blockscout is a tool for inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains
Milkomeda C1 - Bridge Explorer
Blockchain explorer for Milkomeda Network
Xdao (Cross-Chain)
Build and manage your Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Abandoned/Closed Project

The Catalyst School
Catalyst School is a learning hub that aims to accelerate the adoption of Cardano's Project Catalyst
Cardano Coach
Spreading the word about Cardano's awesome ecosystem
The Eth2Ada project empowers developers transitioning from Ethereum to Cardano - Providing Essential Toolsets & Resources
Cardanians Hispanos
Spanish translation from all official Cardano Twitter accounts
Cardano for Seniors
C4S is dedicated towards educating Seniors on Cardano and DeFi
CNFT Academy
CNFTacademy, the first e-learning platform focused on Cardano NFTs.
Stake your ADA on ARA reliable & efficient European StakePool
Cardano Live Podcast
Bringing you the latest news in Cardano DeFi and community projects
Cardano IMPACT
Wednesday’s Twitter Space with impact! Serious speakers and strong use cases on the best block: Cardano
The Ada Cafe
Hub for hosts, co-hosts & shows
Cardano Catalyst TV
Channel for one-on-one interviews with Cardano Catalyst proposers
This Week on Cardano Newsletter
Free comprehensive weekly overview of the major events happening on Cardano
Provide up-to-date comprehensive informations on the Cardano network in Vietnamese
Cardano Times (Twitter)
Passionate Cardano community members
Cardano Pills
Our goal is to become the leading source of community-driven Cardano media.
Cardano Watch
News, analysis, and commentary about the Cardano Blockchain, Cardano Tokens, and CardanoNFTs
Monthly Cardano updates and news
Cardano news updates and ecosystem insights
Cardano Journal
Everything important about Cardano
Cardano Society
Prices & Market Updates About Cardano Blockchain
Ave Musiqa
Composing the soundtrack of the blockchain!
Phil z'viel
CNFT Artist - Live Guitar Looping | Progressive Ambient
Frigid Beats
CNFT Artist | Creator of SavageAICNFT
Artist, Illustrator, CNFT collector and lover of digital paintings
From NFT utility contracts to marketplaces, Canonical is here to solve your Cardano smart contract needs.
Cardaspians is an application service provider for the Cardano ecosystem.
Governance Channel
A place where Cardano governance aspects can be discussed.
Cardano Social Channel
A social channel for Cardano and other Blockchain communities
The OG CardanoNFT Hub
Cardano Official
This is a place for all of us to learn more about Cardano whether that be from the teams building Cardano
Cardano Stake Pool Explorer
A extensive Cardano stake pool explorer
Native Token Dashboard
Simple token dashboard for cardano
Top K Pools
Highlighting the top k pledged Cardano stake pools to increase decentralization
See if your Cardano stake pool is working or find out why it might not be
Pool Stats
Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.
Alathea Analytics
Alethea is a search and analytics platform for the Cardano blockchain
Delegation Tracker
Search your stake pool with delegation tracker
A versatile viewer for on-chain art on the Cardano blockchain
Watch top Cardano tokens prices in realtime
Cardano Price Updates
Tweeting the Price of Cardano Every 60 minutes
Cardano Pool Advisor and ML driven Chat Bot
To find best Pools that match your Twitter Timeline
Tokenizer Bot
Ultimate NFT bot for minting on Cardano blockchain
Adax (Dex)
Adax is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates trades within the Cardano ecosystem
Sweet DAO
A CardanoDEX with protocol owned liquidity and a SWEET token that is backed by ADA
Cardax (Soon)
Decentralized Exchange for the Cardano ecosystem. Launching soon.
Meow Swap
MeowSwap combines proprietary L2 scaling technology in conjunction with our DEX
Swapping tokens has never been so Simple
Medusa AdaWallet
Medusa is a wallet for Cardano. Send, receive and securely store and stake your ADA
Accept ADA payments. Direct. Secure. From Anywhere. For Everyone
Cardashift, the launchpad in service of social and environmental impact.
CardStarter is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform
World's First Interest-Free Stablecoin Protocol built on Cardano blockchain
The fully stable branch of the Cardano ecosystem, powered by the fiat-backed Redeemable stablecoin.
Fully-collateralized stablecoin and decentralized borrowing protocol with liquid staking built on Cardano.
Anzens powers $USDA, the stablecoin that empowers Cardano blockchain.
Cardalonia, first community driver metaverse project on Cardano
Immersive 3D gallery system with wallet integration and interactive multiplayer system
Cardano Village
Metaverse came to Cardano. Enjoy and explore this world.
Providing a real time board game experience using NFTs for up to 750 players
Teiki is a decentralised crowdfunding protocol for innovation on Cardano
Guchi is about expanding the range of financial opportunities to people in the Cardano ecosystem.
Poppy Finance
Poppy is a next generation yield optimizer on Cardano
Mercury Chat
Wallet-to-Wallet Communication on Cardano
CardanoISPO was created out of a community need to find active ISPO
Cnft Jungle
All about NFTs on Cardano in one place. Collection listing is Free.
Cnft World
Explore The World of NFTs on Cardano, never miss a drop
Cnft Watch
Never miss any CNFT drops
Picasso Cnft
The Best Place for Your Favorite CNFT Drops. Developed with Love by CNFT Enthusiasts
CNFT Calendar
Never miss a Cardano NFT drop again
Drop Cnft
Use Drop Cnft calendar to follow all NFT projects on the Cardano Blockchain
Upcoming Cnft
Watch the most promising CNFT projects with our CNFT Calendar.
Cnft List
Nft drop calendar for cardano blockchain
Wen Cnft
A collection of NFT drop dates & times on the Cardano blockchain
CNFT Agent
Here to raise awareness surrounding NFTs and crypto
The most advanced CNFT calendar on the planet, but not just a calendar!
CNFT.IO is officially the first marketplace for Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens
High-velocity Cardano NFT marketplace with advanced listing and data analytics features
Digi Rack Nfts
Truly secure, Decentralized Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace built on Cardano Blockchain
Epoch Art
Community-driven marketplace on Cardano with the cheapest fees
Galaxy Of Art
Our Mission is to help people express, evolve, and create.
An exclusive NFT marketplace brought to you by AdaSwap!
Genesis House
The first CNFT Marketplace with Smart Contracts
Artano is the first truly community-curated NFT marketplace
Cnft Swap
Trade NFTs safely one to one is what we are all about
Magic NFT Marketplace
The one-stop NFT marketplace for artists and collectors
Cardano's Decentralised Deep Liquidity Exchange for CNFTs
An NFT marketplace for collectors & creatives
NFT Marketplace on Cardano for music, games and more.
Decentralized NFT Exchange Protocol built on Cardano
CNFT Awards
Together we will be deciding on the best NFTs of 2022
Leaderboards & Analytics of the Cardano NFT ecosystem
Cardano Studio
Create and mint NFTs on Cardano - no third parties, low fees, true Web3-style
OpenBookAi NFT
Creating a permanent and sustainable digital public library.
Milky Dex
Your one-stop shop for all DeFi services on Milkomeda
The premiere DEX on Milkomeda powering the Cardano ecosytem
Lemuria Finance
The #1 Yield Optimizer on Milkomeda!