Cardano Link

Cardano Link Stake Pool

CardanoLink Stake Pool (CLINK) is a stake pool run by a single operator based on Italy. We have three relays , one based in Italy and other hosted on a VPS(Contabo) in Germany and Usa for ensure fast block propagation times on network. Stake witch CLINK and you will enjoy a speed boost transaction on DexHunter

Stake With Us!

Our alliance

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Relay 1


Relay 2


Relay 3


Relay 4 (Backup)


Dex Hunter Partnership

Stake your ADA with CLINK for speed boosts on Dex Hunter

Stake 1,000 to 100,000 ADA for a 2x node speed boost

Stake over 100,000 ADA for a 4x node speed boost

Atrium Test Pool

We're contributing to the development of Atrium's Staking Baskets, by participating in its preview network with our pool.

This innovation is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and appeal of staking in cardano, benefiting both users and pools like ours

170 Ada Fee

The 170 ADA will be allocated as follows:

40% to sustain our operations.

30% support the F2LB Community

30% support the xSPO Alliance

Single Pool Operator

By staking with CLINK, a Single pool operator, you will help keep Cardano decentralized, it means no big players take over, making the blockchain safer for everyone!

Stake with us at CLINK to keep Cardano truly decentralized